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Transforming Psychological Healthcare: The QB-ACT Initiative!

Exciting news! IMG Play, in partnership with KTH, SU, and Region Stockholm will work on integrating Internet-based psychological interventions with advanced e-learning. Thanks to Digital Futures our pioneering Societal Innovation Project aims to go beyond the current research frontier by integrating two well-established but distinct fields: Internet-based psychological interventions and advanced e-learning. Building Bridges: Creating […]

Unlocking China’s Streaming Potential: IMG_Play’s Solution. 

In the dynamic landscape of global communication, breaking through geo limitations is a crucial business objective. Streaming services to mainland China present unique challenges for many Western companies. IMG_Play introduces a groundbreaking Content Delivery Network (CDN) extension to its streaming service, empowering businesses to seamlessly connect with their Chinese audience.   As of June 2023, […]

Nurturing Learning Together

Digital Education Focused on Progress, and Secure Learning Environments.   In a longstanding partnership, KTH- Royal Institute of Technology and IMG _Play have forged a alliance focused on enhancing digital learning. This collaboration has been marked by close cooperation between IMG_ Play and esteemed professors at KTH, with a shared goal of providing comprehensive support […]

New addition to our team!

We’re thrilled to introduce Mathias Hagensen, who joins us as a Full Stack Developer. With a strong background in web development and a passion for creating innovative solutions, Mathias brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our mission of providing an exceptional experience to our clients.  Mathias’s technical proficiency covers a wide spectrum of […]

Improvements in Txtplay- IMG Play’s proprietary software

Txtplay handles AI tools such as ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), also known as speech-to-text. Txtplay will always use the ASR version with the highest accuracy and quality. Txtplay can also integrate with our partner’s video platforms, allowing our customers to utilize the best speech-to-text AI directly within their video platform for a streamlined workflow.  With […]