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Improvements in Txtplay- IMG Play’s proprietary software

Txtplay handles AI tools such as ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), also known as speech-to-text. Txtplay will always use the ASR version with the highest accuracy and quality. Txtplay can also integrate with our partner’s video platforms, allowing our customers to utilize the best speech-to-text AI directly within their video platform for a streamlined workflow. 

With automatic speech recognition (ASR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) recognizes the words spoken in your video and delivers machine-based texts for indexing, subtitling, and searching. The result is good and usable, but not always perfect.

Since Friday the 20th of October, you’ll notice remarkable enhancements with Txtplay for the following languages:  

  • Cantonese (yue) 
  • Catalan (ca) 
  • Czech (cs) 
  • Finnish (fi) 
  • Greek (el) 
  • Hindi (hi) 
  • Hungarian (hu) 
  • Malay (ms) 
  • Polish (pl) 
  • Russian (ru) 
  • Thai (th) 
  • Vietnamese (vi) 
  • Arabic (ar) 
  • Danish (da) 
  • Dutch (nl) 
  • Italian (it) 
  • Japanese (ja) 
  • Korean (ko) 
  • Mandarin (cmn) 
  • Norwegian (no) 
  • Portuguese (pt) 
  • Swedish (sv) 

What exactly will you notice? 

Enhanced Accuracy: Get ready for even more accurate transcriptions! 
Speaker Diarization: Improved speaker distinction in multi-speaker content. 
Faster Transcriptions: Lightning-fast results for a more efficient workflow.




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