IMG Play has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Børsen Gazelle award!

IMG_play is honored to receive the 2023 Børsen Gazelle award, and we extend our gratitude to our dedicated team, partners, and customers who have played a vital role in our journey.  

This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to growth and excellence.

The Børsen Gazelle Award is given to rapidly growing and successful companies. It’s typically awarded to businesses that demonstrate substantial growth in revenue or gross profit over a specific number of years, while also displaying sound finances.

The award acknowledges our dedication to advancing the boundaries of success. The Børsen Gazelle award, organized by the renowned Danish financial newspaper, Børsen, is a celebration of small and medium-sized businesses that have achieved remarkable growth and success. This year, in 2023, IMG_play has emerged in Denmark’s business landscape, garnering the prize. It recognizes our consistent efforts in driving innovation and contributing to the Danish business community.  

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New addition to our team!

We’re thrilled to introduce Mathias Hagensen, who joins us as a Full Stack Developer. With a strong background in web development and a passion for creating innovative solutions, Mathias brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our mission of providing an exceptional experience to our clients. 

Mathias’s technical proficiency covers a wide spectrum of programming languages, including PHP, JavaScript, and .net. His experience with database optimization, SEO, and backend API development makes him an excellent fit for our team. Mathias can also enhance the user experience by working on the frontend, designing and coding.

Highlights of his career, includes working on the most popular sports website in Denmark. A role that demanded a lot of integrations with various video platforms, live betting and real time live scores. This knowledge and experience will become a valuable asset to our development team.  

Mathias will be covering the online video area and assisting with consulting, development and live streaming. His experience, technical skills, and dedication to producing high-quality solutions align perfectly with our own goals. 

Improvements in Txtplay- IMG Play’s proprietary software

Txtplay handles AI tools such as ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), also known as speech-to-text. Txtplay will always use the ASR version with the highest accuracy and quality. Txtplay can also integrate with our partner’s video platforms, allowing our customers to utilize the best speech-to-text AI directly within their video platform for a streamlined workflow. 

With automatic speech recognition (ASR), an algorithm recognizes the words spoken in your video and delivers machine-based texts for indexing, subtitling, and searching. The result is good and usable, but not always perfect.

Since Friday the 20th of October, you’ll notice remarkable enhancements with Txtplay for the following languages:  

  • Cantonese (yue) 
  • Catalan (ca) 
  • Czech (cs) 
  • Finnish (fi) 
  • Greek (el) 
  • Hindi (hi) 
  • Hungarian (hu) 
  • Malay (ms) 
  • Polish (pl) 
  • Russian (ru) 
  • Thai (th) 
  • Vietnamese (vi) 
  • Arabic (ar) 
  • Danish (da) 
  • Dutch (nl) 
  • Italian (it) 
  • Japanese (ja) 
  • Korean (ko) 
  • Mandarin (cmn) 
  • Norwegian (no) 
  • Portuguese (pt) 
  • Swedish (sv) 

What exactly will you notice? 

Enhanced Accuracy: Get ready for even more accurate transcriptions! 
Speaker Diarization: Improved speaker distinction in multi-speaker content. 
Faster Transcriptions: Lightning-fast results for a more efficient workflow.

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