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IMG_Play delivers Danish Defense Command TV

IMG_Play has won the bid to deliver the Defense Command Denmark online video solution.

The Danish armed forces have a long history – and a big archive of historic and current video material from all branches of the armed forces.

IMG_Play is happy to announce the delivery of a full online video platform solution, www.forsvaret.tv, that allows viewers to enjoy hours of both historic and recent video content.

The solution contains features like;

  • Customized Video Portal
  • Support for all screens and devices
  • “Timeline” navigation of content
  • Migration from legacy platform
  • Ingest and metadata


“We are very honored to have been selected by the Defense Command to deliver their new and updated Video solution.

Visual communication is continuing to grow in importance, and ease of use and easy discovery of content is key to growing your viewership base.”

Mads Kaysen, IMG_Play


IMG_Play are specialists in Online Video solutions, providing both Development and Professional Services as well as Video Platforms.


The solution is built on the Kaltura framework, along with customized front-end in corporation with Kathart.

IMG_Play wins tender for Danish Parliament TV

The Danish Parliament – Folketinget – announced yesterday the award of contract for their next generation Online TV solution.

IMG will deploy a solution that automatically captures streams from both plenary and committee sessions, and make them available both live and on-demand for the public.

The solutions will contain advanced features, like;

  • Multiple simultaneous live streams
  • Time-shifting (rewind/restart sessions)
  • Zero turn-around from Live to On-demand
  • Automated metadata capture and categorizing
  • Support for all screens and devices
  • Social sharing features

Everything will be integrated with existing digital platforms, and state-of-the-art video players will provide a platform independent and responsive user experience.

With hours and hours of daily content produced and massive amounts of metadata, IMG is proud to have been selected to deploy the next-generation solution of Online TV.

“As citizens and societies become increasingly digital, our political processes should remain open and available for everyone. Leveraging digital channels and ensuring that Folketinget is available on all platforms and devices is central to achieve this goal.”

“With the advances of AI and big data, it will be key to capture, organize and sustain a library of digital video with associated metadata. Certainly, as traditional TV viewing declines and new digital services become the norm, the ability to match legislation processes to video content could provide for exciting opportunities to match citizens interests to TV content from the Parliament in new ways and using new channels in the future”

Mads Kaysen, Partner, IMG

The solution will deploy in 2018, and replace the current legacy Flash Video based solution.

IMG_Play are specialists in Online Video and OTT solutions, providing both Advisory services as well as Development and Professional Services.

TED contract award notice here.

Danish Parliament Plenary Room