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Transforming Psychological Healthcare: The QB-ACT Initiative!

Exciting news! IMG Play, in partnership with KTH, SU, and Region Stockholm will work on integrating Internet-based psychological interventions with advanced e-learning. Thanks to Digital Futures our pioneering Societal Innovation Project aims to go beyond the current research frontier by integrating two well-established but distinct fields: Internet-based psychological interventions and advanced e-learning.

  • Building Bridges: Creating an Interactive Online Intervention 
  • Testing the Waters: Assessing QB-ACT’s Impact on Mental Health 
  • Understanding Engagement: Unlocking Key Insights 
  • Alleviating Pressure: Exploring QB-ACT’s Role in Healthcare 
  • Sharing Success: Disseminating QB-ACT’s Findings to Drive Change

Crafting Connections! Integrating QBL and ACT for Personalized Therapy

At the core of our endeavor lies the fusion of question-based learning (QBL) techniques with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This integration aims to create a dynamic and tailored online therapeutic experience, empowering individuals to navigate their mental health journey with confidence. 

Digital Futures: Pioneering Societal Change through Digital Innovation 

At the forefront of our collaborative efforts lies Digital Futures, a cross-disciplinary research center. Established in 2020 through a strategic collaboration between KTH, Stockholm University, and RISE. Digital Futures embodies a vision of harnessing the power of technology for positive social impact. 



The QB-ACT project stands as a beacon of hope in transforming psychological healthcare delivery. With the unwavering support of Digital Futures and our esteemed collaborators, we embark on a journey to improve mental health outcomes for individuals in Region Stockholm and beyond. Stay tuned as we undertake on this transformative endeavor! 

The research project unites a varied team comprising specialists in clinical psychology, Internet-based psychological interventions, and members from IMG Play’s edu-tech department. IMG Play will specialize in large-scale e-learning technology and instructional design.






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