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Unlocking China’s Streaming Potential: IMG_Play’s Solution. 

In the dynamic landscape of global communication, breaking through geo limitations is a crucial business objective. Streaming services to mainland China present unique challenges for many Western companies. IMG_Play introduces a groundbreaking Content Delivery Network (CDN) extension to its streaming service, empowering businesses to seamlessly connect with their Chinese audience.  

As of June 2023, the user size of live streaming in China soared to a staggering 765 million, comprising 71.0% of all Internet users, indicating significant potential for further growth in viewers accessing streaming content from outside China, considering the country’s population of 1.4 billion.

Bridging Cultural Gaps for a Global Community 

Even with stellar intercultural communication and meticulously translated content, addressing your audience as a global community requires compliance with local legislation and technologies. IMG_Play offers an integrated video streaming service specifically tailored for the Chinese market. Furthermore, it extends the capabilities of online video streaming platforms to provide an inclusive and reliable streaming experience for businesses targeting the growing Chinese audience.

Strategic Partnerships and Regulatory Compliance 

IMG_Play’s strategic partnerships with regional Chinese CDNs, ensure a reliable streaming experience for mainland China end-users. The company’s footprint includes multiple live centers strategically positioned across China, for optimal performance to both mobile devices on local telecom networks. 


In the last decade, internet users in China have quintupled, fostering a remarkable growth in Chinese streaming platforms and online video hosting.



Cache Nodes Optimization 

IMG_Play leverages thousands of strategically deployed cache nodes across mainland China, seamlessly integrated with major and minor ISPs and telecom companies. This extensive network presence allows IMG_Play to achieve an overall performance that can be many times better than online video solutions attempting to reach China from Hong Kong.

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