How will we find TV and Video content in the future?

As Netflix, HBO Nordic, YouTube and similar channels take over the role of traditional TV delivery, a new generation is growing up in an on-demand world of countless video services.

How will consumers find great movies, series and video content in the future?

Video recommendation engines today suffer from a bad reputation of semi-useful suggestions, and when even Netflix can´t do a decent job at this, will automated content discovery ever become truly effective in any forseeable future?

And how will users interact with your video content, as new interfaces spead across countless devices – and AR/VR enters the mix?

Copenhagen Video Sessions #3 will take a stab at these questions, through a series of speakers who are today working at the frontline of Online Video innovation.

Join this event to learn about:

  • How video recommendation services work
  • How to leverage your data to understand your audience
  • How to leverage data to improve user experience
  • AI, Data and VR and the future of the video industry
  • Next generation TV – AI, VR and Search & Discovery


Arash Pendari – CEO and Founder at Vionlabs

Vionlabs is teaching computes to watch movies. Using big data and machine learning, Vionlabs develops advanced content mapping tools, and applies these data in order to present relevant content to users, and reduce subscriber churn. Arash will talk about how big data can be used to help users discover content, and he will show you how factors like the Stockholm weather can impact what content you will want to promote.

Mattias Höglund – Business Development at Accedo

Accedo is a global leader in Video Experience. As devices multiply, providing a user friendly experience across all platforms become increasingly hard. The emergence of Augmented and Virtual Reality devices today – and in the coming years – will only make it even harder for both content providers and consumers to navigate the Video landscape. Mattias will draw on the cutting-edge R&D of Accedo – and we will even have a VR demonstration on the conference floor of what a future Video service might look like!

Adam Crigström – CEO and Co-founder at PlayPilot

While big data and machine learning develops, everyone agrees that when it comes to finding great content humans still do a much better job. And human experts even more so. PlayPilot is combining the strenght of data with human curators, creating a recommendation service that provides great results for the consumers. In a confusing market of multiple OTT services, PlayPilot is taking on the role as being your 1-stop for discovering great video content.

Copenhagen Video Sessions is a series of non-commercial events for everyone working in the TV/Video space. But for this “expanded” event we are asking for a small fee in order to cover the venue and practical costs.

The event begins 08:30. Croissants and coffee is available and the presentations will begin no later than 09:00. Presentations will be conducted in English.

Please remember to bring your EventBrite tickets for this event.