IMG_Play Group launches operations in Denmark and Sweden – builds brand channel “Food TV” for Metronome.

“The Online Video market have matured and become advanced to a point, where enterprises and organizations can seldom maximize value using a single platform from a single vendor.

A full video value chain requires partners who are agnostic to particular platforms and can help bridge the components of a business critical video solution”

IMG_Play is the only Nordic provider in the Online Video space working un-biased, providing clients with consulting and system integrations services to help them drive more value from their next-generation OVP solutions.

Being established since 4 years in Norway, IMG_Play Group now expands operations in Denmark and Sweden.

The partners in Denmark include Online Video Platform (OVP) veterans Mads Kaysen and Karsten Vandrup, founders of Arkena, which in 2011 became part of french TDF Group.

“Having worked as pioneers in the OVP market, we now see the usage of video reaching a level, where the connection to the strategic roadmap for brands and companies becomes essential. Online Video has taken a journey from being “fun on the side”, growing to become important and now having reached a level where it is business critical”, explain Mads Kaysen, Chief Commercial Office at IMG_Play.

“We see many brands and enterprises struggling to drive value from their investments in communicating using video. No one questions the potential, but implementation is tough. We work to set very clear KPIs, and we are the only ones in the market focusing solely on value creation, with no obligations towards specific platforms or technologies”.

“Having worked as a platform provider for many years, I could see how limiting it is for the customers to seek advice from vendors who ultimately aim to sell their own platform. There was really no-where to turn, and also no specialized system integrators in the market, who could connect the dots. This is key idea behind IMG_Play”.

IMG_Play have already launched the successful Food TV channel for Metronome ( and recently won the tender to supply ATP – Denmarks national 100 Billion euro pension fund – with digital communication services.

“We have in our short life-time as a startup company build some great cases, and the pipeline is strong. There is really a solid response to our proposition to get serious about creating value using video. I believe IMG complements the technology providers in a natural way, and our professional services arm can help platforms becoming even more anchored in the customer technology stack”, Mads Kaysen continues.

”Apart from our consulting and development capacity, we have also launched an analytics service. While many video platforms provide customers with the opportunity to get data about their video performance, often we see these are not fully utilized.

Taking the responsibility to gather, analyze and present data to the customers is a something we see a great need for. Video doesn’t end when the content is created or delivered. IMG_Play adds qualitative input to the system-generated quantitative data, to bring the analytics to a more tangible level for our customers.”

IMG_Play have been well received also by the OVP and technology providers, and we aim to partner with all of the best providers of video stack components, to the benefit of everyone.”

For more information, please contact;

Mads Kaysen, Partner and CCO – mobile +45 2615 9192